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september 10 and 11, 2022

Hello everyone.
Here is with a little delay, the provisional poster 2022. We had to wait for certain confirmations.
As you can see, 13 out of 16 groups from the 2020/21 poster have confirmed their attendance, including the headliners.
The Saturday poster does not change from what was planned.
The 3 missing groups will be announced shortly.
THUNDERMOTHER. DIAMOND HEAD and ROBERT JON AND THE WRECK, unable to come next year, are already confirmed for 2023.

Thank you and see you on September 10 and 11, 2022 for a hellish RAISMES FEST !!

awaiting confirmation of the 2020 edition

Hi everyone.
I know that everyone, festival-goers and professionals alike, is waiting for an official announcement as to whether the festival is happening or not, as evidenced by the many messages we receive daily. We are perfectly aware that everyone has commitments to keep and reservations to make, us first.
After a meeting with the mayor of Raismes on Friday, it was decided to postpone the announcement that was to be made this weekend to Friday 27 at the latest in order to put as many chances as possible on our side. We will wait for the publication of new official texts to make a decision. It is necessary to know that there were 3 different decrees which concern us as a festival between August 7 and August 16, 2 governmental decrees and one of the prefect which hardens the conditions of reception of the public in the Region. So it's impossible to anticipate what will be asked of us in 2 or 3 weeks. It changes constantly according to the evolution of the sanitary situation, which will obviously be decisive. We are therefore sorry for this additional delay and hope that it will not have been in vain. For those, many, who make a parallel between the Alcatraz festival in Kortrijk last weekend and the Raismes Fest in 3 weeks, 2 things to consider:
1-There is a month gap between the 2 events, month during which the sanitary situation will continue to worsen.
2- Belgian laws are not French laws....
Concerning the bands on the bill, The Darkness unfortunately cancelled their appearance unlike the 2 other British bands. The Quireboys and Diamond Head will be present. Myrath has musicians blocked in Tunisia because of the Covid and will not be able to be there either.
Imperial Jade has split up. Given the uncertain situation, Zak Perry preferred to stay in the USA for the time being as he is currently performing there without any problems.
We had announced the absence of Electric Mary at the end of June. The replacement bands will be announced in the next press release on Friday 27th, which will announce whether or not the festival will continue.

Keep on rockin'
On behalf of the association raismoise de la culture
Philippe DELORY