In 1997, the Cultural Center of Raismes (5km from Valenciennes, north of France) was approached by a group of people interested by rock, Metal and Progressive Rock muscis, with the desire to organize a festival in the city. An organizing committee was created consisting of twenty people. The May 16, 1998 the Raismes Fest was created.

Since 2000 the festival takes place in the castle of Princess d'Arenberg (1 hectare).

Since 2005, a second stage faces the Mainstage because the festival is also a springboard for regional and national bands that are eager to find scenes like Raismes to be.

The Main stage of the festival is primarily open to groups confirmed internationally renowned (MSG, Saxon, Gamma Ray, Therion, uriah Heep, Edguy, Freak Kitchen, Epica, Angra, Glenn Hughes, Gotthard ...)

Raismes Fest has, over the years, attracting a growing audience from France but also from Belgium and Holland (4000 persons for the tenth edition of 2007) allowing it to take place since 2002 on two days (second weekend of September).

Age of viewers is 7 to 77 years (when you like rock, it's forever!). RaismesFest is a festival where all generations of fans "Metal" in all its forms coexist in a single atmosphere, which made the reputation of the festival.